Breaking Innovation: "PD" Technology Elevates Meyer Dental CBCT Image Quality!

"Integrity,Realism, Innovation" constitute the core culture of Meyer. Among them, innovation is the driving force behind the continuous development of the enterprise. Focusing on key indicators such as product performance and reliability, and guided by customer needs, Meyer continuously improves its core technology to enhance product competitiveness, ensuring that customers can choose Meyer with confidence.

Providing high-quality images for clinical diagnosis and treatment is the core value of dental CBCT. Since the introduction of the first domestically produced dental CBCT in 2012, Meyer has been continuously striving for innovation in core technology. Currently, to achieve imaging effects of "low radiation, low noise, and realistic image texture," the company has introduced the new "PD" technology, namely Pure-Detail Image Enhancement Technology, to empower users to achieve more precise and safe clinical diagnosis and treatment.

▲ "PD" Technology Imaging Demonstration (Click to Play)

Image: More Than Just Clear, Also More Real and Useful

Currently, in pursuit of visual "quality perception," some dental CBCT brands may highlight image clarity by modifying contrast and sharpening, but this can distort and lose detailed information in the image, similar to the excessive smoothing and beautification effects seen in photo editing software. This, in turn, affects the accuracy of the doctor's diagnosis.

Meyer adheres to the core of diagnostic and treatment needs, deeply integrating technological innovation with it, and providing clinical services with real and reliable images. The newly introduced "PD" technology can intelligently adjust various parameters through adaptive capability and, based on a large number of shooting results for verification, give the images a "natural texture" effect. It effectively addresses the challenge of noise reduction obscuring minor lesions and provides clearer restoration of bone and soft tissue structure details.




▲“ "The Effect of 'PD' Technology in Panoramic Images"


▲From left to right: Original Image, Mainstream Algorithm, "PD" Technology


▲Advantages of "PD" Technology: Deep Restoration of Image Details

"PD" + Engineering, not only stable, but also consistently stable

The realization of technology requires stable and reliable products as support. With the deepening of the "group procurement" policy, the demand for continuous shooting capability of dental CBCT has also increased significantly. Meyer Engineering Dental CBCT, through standardized and modular design, automated and intelligent manufacturing, has greatly improved product stability and reliability. Especially in the optimization of the source component structure, it is equipped with source frequency-variable temperature control technology, effectively increasing the number of shots taken per day by 30% to 40%.

▲Customer Feedback on Meyer's Engineered Dental CBCT Experience (Click to Play)

The company's continuous innovation has also received full recognition from the industry. Recently, the first Healthy Oral Innovation Forum and the sixth China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Dental Special Session, and the first "Jingzhi Cup" Innovation Competition were successfully held in Shaoxing, where Meyer  won the second prize with the "Dental CBCT Image Enhancement System" project.

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Step by step, to a thousand miles. In the future, Meyer will continue to adhere to the values of "pursuing quality and serving customers," continuously strengthen technological innovation, and use better products to make every user believe:Meyer, Reliable Choice!

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