In the second half of the intelligent battle, Meyer has taken up the torch of CBCT "Intelligent Leader"!

At the 2024 Dental South China, where the titans vie for intelligence, intelligence has become almost standard for CBCT. However, among the many intelligent products, one CBCT stands out and becomes the "eye-catching king" of the whole event. It is the Meyer "Intelligent Leader" CBCT, which made its appearance at booth 14.1. This product not only integrates mature AI technology with imaging technology, but also is the first engineering CBCT to adopt intelligent manufacturing processes.

▲Meyer Intelligent Leader CBCT

Originating from the era and flourishing with the momentum. Behind Meyer's "Intelligent Leader" CBCT, the advantages of Meyer's strategy of promoting standardization, modularization, intelligence, digitization, and internationalization have gradually emerged. As a powerhouse in the CBCT industry, Meyer is also interpreting the glory of comprehensive "intelligence" in capturing the high-end market.

▲The Meyer booth at the 2024 Dental South China was bustling with popularity.

12 years ago, Meyer launched the first domestically produced dental CBCT, which helped advance the dental industry in China. Today, in line with the trend of digitalization in the industry, Meyer continues to innovate and continuously improve the intelligence level of its products. "Intelligent Leader" will become a strong label for Meyer as it enters a new stage.

From the release of the intelligent orthodontic analysis system to the innovative application of algorithms such as intelligent panoramic imaging, intelligent noise reduction, and intelligent artifact reduction, to the launch of the first flexible automated production line for dental CBCT, as well as the introduction of "PD" (Pure-Detail Image Enhancement) technology and the Meyer FairyCloud Platform, every step taken by Meyer is focused on standardization, modularization, intelligence, digitization, and internationalization, deeply embodying the core values of "pursue quality, serve customers".

▲Meyer shines with Glory at Dental South China

As the saying goes, "timing is everything." With Meyer being guided by its long-term development strategy, the company is accelerating the implementation of digitalized dental solutions. With the support of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, intelligence has become a differentiating advantage for Meyer CBCT. It has even become the core competitive strength driving Meyer's dominance in the CBCT market.

So, how does Meyer CBCT achieve the transition from 0 to 1 to ∞ and establish a new benchmark in the field of intelligent CBCT?

▶In order to achieve imaging effects of "low radiation, low noise, and true image texture," Meyer has introduced the "PD" (Pure-Detail Image Enhancement) technology. This technology effectively addresses the challenge of noise reduction masking small lesions, allowing for clearer restoration of bone and soft tissue structure details. It assists users in achieving more precise and safe clinical diagnosis and treatment.

▲ "PD" Image Enhancement Technology

▶Currently, to address the challenge of complex pseudo-artifact interference, the all-new generation of "PD-MAR" technology has been developed to efficiently remove intraoral high-density material artifacts such as dental fillings, metal crowns, and implants. It also supports real-time comparison processing of pre-and post-images.

▲"PD-MAR" Advanced Artifact Removal Technology

The Meyer "Intelligent Leader" CBCT is equipped with continuously upgraded and evolving intelligent software systems, including the Meyer 3D Diagnostic Software (MyDent Viewer 3D) and the Meyer Intelligent Orthodontic Analysis System (MyDent Ceph). Both sets of software adopt a modular design concept, which is more in line with the operating habits of dentists, making software operation easier and more convenient, with lower learning costs. At the same time, it provides doctors with comprehensive clinical intelligence solutions, helping medical institutions improve quality and efficiency across all scenarios.

▲Meyer its intelligent software systems for customers at Dental South China

At the data acquisition end, the MyScan3 intraoral scanner, proudly launched by Meyer, also possesses outstanding clinical value. The Meyer "Intelligent Leader" CBCT can automatically achieve seamless fusion of CT data with intraoral scan data, providing the most crucial data foundation for realizing dental digitization and creating a seamless data fusion experience.

▲The scanning effect of the Meyer MyScan3.

Building upon its deep technical expertise in local clinical applications, Meyer is committed to further enriching its product portfolio. This includes creating comprehensive solutions for chairside digital implantology, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, endodontic treatment, and more. These holistic solutions aim to provide clinicians with a completely new clinical experience.

▲Meyer's intraoral scanner MyScan3 won over the crowd on site!

At this exhibition, Meyer FairyCloud Platform has undergone a dazzling upgrade. The AI panoramic image enhancement based on cloud computing has been fully launched, bringing together Meyer's years of accumulated expertise in dental image artificial intelligence algorithms. With just one click, users can enjoy high-definition cloud images, significantly improving image review efficiency and assisting doctors in accurate diagnosis. Even older CT equipment can now benefit from AI-enhanced high-definition panoramic imaging capabilities.

▲Meyer FairyCloud has attracted considerable attention

Meyer adheres strictly to the core values of "pursue quality, serve customers", dedicating efforts to achieving excellence in performance, reliability, and other key indicators, continually creating value for customers. Through standardized, modular, and intelligent design at the source, the company has established two intelligent factories equipped with advanced automated production lines. These include fully automated bending centers, robot welding lines, robot painting lines, as well as unmanned core component production lines and flexible assembly workshops. Meyer ensures consistent quality whether producing a single unit or ten thousand.

In the medical health sector, Meyer has pioneered the first flexible automated production line for dental CBCT equipment, imbuing product manufacturing with a unique sense of technology. This advancement effectively enhances product reliability.

▲Exhibition of Smart Manufacturing Process of Meyer "Intelligent Leader" CBCT (Partial)

Formally based on the strength of "intelligence leadership" in these four dimensions, Meyer's "Intelligent Leader" CBCT has not only reshaped the benchmark of digitalized dental CBCT in the intelligent era but has also given it a strong momentum in the digital dental track, thus gaining the initiative in the iterative upgrade from "digitalization" to "intelligent digitalization".

Leading the way step by step! Facing the new stage of industry development where everyone is pursuing "intelligence," it is foreseeable that Meyer's "Intelligent Leader" will reshape the benchmark of CBCT value, promote the comprehensive implementation of dental intelligent system solutions, and achieve from 0 to 1 to ∞, meeting the all-round needs of dental institutions in the new era!

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